About RBT service

Ring Back Tone service (RBT) enables MTN's subscribers to change their normal ringing tone by
choosing their own musical library .The subscriber will get his own musical library whenever he/she
subscribes with RBT service, any new purchased ringtone will be automatically added to the
subscriber's private library and customized immediately to all subscribers .
After adding a ring tone, the subscriber can customize it to all in-coming callers, or re-customize it
by time, date or groups. It is possible to modify ringtone for a specific number, to all callers or to a
certain group in certain time and date.



Postpaid and Prepaid  10    SYP/Min


Postpaid and Prepaid 10 SYP/ SMS

RBT download

Postpaid and Prepaid Valid for 30 Days 35 SYP
 Postpaid and Prepaid Valid for 90 Days
(available for limited list of songs)
 75 SYP


Any MTN subscriber can subscribe with RBT service by IVR, SMS or by visiting MTN's
website www.mtn.com.sy/rbt


Calling 1800
Following IVR's process as following:
Choosing language - defining service - viewing service's options - choosing music's type
- listening to music - offering tone's cost - confirmation

The ringtone will be ready and available at the subscriber's library and he/she will be
informed about operation's success


The subscriber can participate with RBT service by sending SMS contains a code
(Exp. To activate or purchase a song, the code will be ‘Dt tone code')


  • The subscriber should customize the ringtone for a caller or group to be able to use the ringtone
  • The subscriber can purchase unlimited number of ringtones
  • Renewing the subscription will be done automatically unless he/she deactivated the service
  • The new ringtone will be customized to all in-coming callers after purchasing immediately
  • The subscriber should call 1800 or visit MTN's website: www.mtn.com.sy/rbt to customize the ringtone
  • Subscriber is able also to cancel a ringtone from his/her library by sending SMS to costumer care service

New Features

Copying ringtone with one click

This new feature enables in-coming callers who liked a ring back tone to copy it while listening
to it before the receiver answers their call  

To copy a ringtone while listening to it, subscriber must press (1 #) to copy a ringtone immediately

Subscriber can copy a ringtone even if he/she didn't activate the RBT service

Dedicating ringtone

MTN subscribers now can share their friends and beloved ones their favorite ringtones
P.S: to dedicate a ringtone to a friend, MTN subscriber should activate RBT service

How to dedicate a ringtone


Call 1800 – setting private album – personal settings – dedicate ringtone to a friend - following IVR's
steps and entering friend's number


By sending SMS to 1800 as following:
G (tone code) [space] (GSM number)

The recipient will receive a message contains sender's number and special code (confirmation number)
which is different from ringtone's code

To install ringtone in recipient's private library, he/she most confirm accepting dedication by SMS to 1800
contains: accept [space] confirmation number

Recipient can listen to ringtone before confirmation by IVR:
Calling 1800 – reviewing ringtones – entering ringtone's code – listening to ringtone

If the recipient installed the ringtone by IVR, it will not be counted as dedication and subscriber will pay
for it as if he/she purchased it

After installing ringtone, subscriber can call IVR to set and customize ringtone and he/she will be able to
dedicate it to someone else.